& Play

Working outside the commission

Members reserve as much time as possible to develop uncommissioned projects — projects that address a need in the Office, that propose alternative views to existing industry standards, and contribute to the field at large.

Playing with new ways of making

We experiment with different ways to collaborate, looking to disrupt the solo auteur and hierarchical models of working. We do this by running workshops and projects in hopes of nurturing relationships, growing ourselves and creating unexpected end forms.

2019 Postcard set

50 postcards created for the 2019 Holiday Party. Designed by Members of the DO

Poetry in Motion RI

Poems designed to display on Rhode Island busses. Designed by D.O. members

1″ Buttons & Machine

11 buttons distributed via gumball machine. Designed by the DO membership

Common Flag

Call for submissions: A flag for everyone. Published by The Design Office

Final Fridays

Monthly member peer-share at the big table. Run by Sarah Rainwater

The Drawing Project

Daily 15-minute drawings. Initiated by Lucinda Hitchcock

Work-Shop’s Fun Fridays

Work-Shop runs weekly activities during the summer. Run by Work-Shop

Themed mini-collections

Members generated as many designs based on a theme and uploaded them to Society6 for on-demand production. Led by Sarah Rainwater

Holiday Greeting Cards

To celebrate the holidays, members created an assortment of greeting card designs to give away. Designed by Office members

Paper Football Poster Workshop

Members “passed” designs back and forth, printing designs on top of others in passive collaboration. Designed by Office Members

The Design Archives, Vol. 19

A set of rules for members to archive and publish their work from 2012. Developed by Dylan Fracareta

Fall Leaves

An open call for submissions led to this collaboration with Guilherme Falcão from Brazil. Project of The Design Office

Full credits: Guilherme Falcão, John Caserta, Jeremy Mickel

It’s Your Birthday, Hobo

In honor of the 100th anniversary of Morris Fuller Benton's typeface 'Hobo,' we collected photographs of the typeface in use. Initiated by John Caserta