The people make the place

Members work out of the Office, contribute to the culture, organize events, and create uncommissioned works – while also running their own independent professional practice. Membership is required to have regular access to the space.

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Full-time members

Full-time members run their practice from the Office, with personal storage and desk space, while sharing common resources.

John Caserta

John is Founder/Director of The Design Office and an Assoc. Professor in the Graphic Design Dept. at RISD

Nic Schumann

Nic is a systems designer and computer scientist who uses language to build meaningful structures from an undifferentiated context. Co-Founder of Work-Shop

Cem Eskinazi

Cem (“Jem/Gem”) is a type/graphic designer. He is currently working with June and Cyrus at the Providence Drawing Office. His favorite color is yellow.

Emanuel Admassu

Emanuel is a Founding Partner of an architecture practice called AD-WO and an Assistant Professor at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Jen Wood

Jen is a Founding Partner of an architecture practice called AD-WO. Jen works with Emanuel, and together they explore the discipline’s content and container.

Elizabeth Leeper

Elizabeth is a graphic designer who works with language and space. She likes writing & research, associative logic, inventive questions and actually funny jokes. Gets up early.

Caleb Oller

Caleb is co-founder of Motel, a distributed design and development firm.

Marie Otsuka

Marie Otsuka is a designer, web developer, and educator. At the DO, she works with Cyrus, June, and Cem. She likes languages, triads, and the Oxford comma.

Shannon Colón

Shannon is a branding and UX/UI designer. She partners with clients to build new brands, products and ideas. Third grade spelling bee champion.

Matt McInerney

Matt is a designer at Motel. He previously worked at Pentagram.

Emily Lindberg

Emily is a designer specializing in contemporary residential renovations and interior design. She is the founder of Emily Lindberg Design.

Part-time members

Part-time members are based elsewhere, but use the space for collaborative working, meetings and to make use of the resources in the Office (books, space, people).

Lucinda Hitchcock

Lucy is a graphic design professor at RISD, designs books for museums, and investigates the interaction of type, narrative, and urban space.

Derek Schusterbauer

Derek is the Senior Graphic Designer at the RISD Museum, an instructor in the Graphic Design program at RISD CE, and a board member of New Urban Arts.

Greg Nemes

Greg specializes in user interface/user experience design in the realms of architecture, installations, furniture, physical computing, and web design. Co-Founder of Work-Shop

Ruben Rodriguez

Ruben is a developer who collaborates with designers on network software, from inception to completion.

Kristin Silva

Kristin is a brand designer whose work orbits the art of conversation. She previously worked as a graphic designer full time in Boston. Now she is running her own studio in Rhode Island.

Cyrus Highsmith

Cyrus is a graphic artist, type designer, and teacher. He works with Cem and June.

June Shin

June Shin is a type/graphic designer and a RISD MFA Graphic Design alum. She lives in NYC and works with Cyrus and Cem. She was not born in June.

Alex Defreitas

Alex works with Caleb at Motel coding with every framework you could think of: Angular, Elixir, React, Vue

Ian Alden Russell

Ian is a curator, strategist and thought leader working with artists, businesses and organizations that make things happen. Curator at Brown University and Lecturer in RISD's Glass Dept.

How to join

  1. Review membership types
  2. Email us a brief statement about why you want to join and how you plan to use the space.
  3. Include CV/Bio and a link to your work
  4. Current members review the info and invite potential members in for a chat
  5. Said chat occurs. We let you know asap.

Who makes a good member?

  1. Those working in design or complementary field (where tools, working style, community are similar to design)
  2. Those who see design as part of the arts
  3. Those looking for long-term community and continuous learning
  4. Those who thrive with others around
  5. Current students will not be considered for membership. Fellowships are designed for recent graduates.

Rates and types


Full-time Part-time
Cost $385/mo $175/mo
Availability Yes Yes
Access 24-hour 24-hour
Weekly time cap None 20 hours
Work space Own desk Shared desk
Cancellation notice 2 months 2 months
Minimum Membership 3 months 3 months
BW printing included Yes Some
Color printing included Yes No
Meeting space Yes Yes
Physical storage Yes No
Flat file storage Yes No


Company memberships are an option when an individual membership is not sufficient

Rates are dependent on amenities needed.

Larger companies may also sponsor an employee’s membership instead of a home-office situation

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