Locally Made

Exhibition graphics + Print-on-demand visitor guide

The RISD Museum approached Lucy with an open brief: help organize and disseminate to visitors the range of programming and personalities within its 2013 summer/fall exhibit on Providence-area contemporary art. Wall text and a printed catalog weren't appropriate for an exhibit containing 300 artists and 180 live performances over a four-month period. Many of the works being either original works or not works at all -- more like cameos, demonstrations or in-person conversations.

Our solutions can be seen in the images above: 3-D signage to anchor (pun intended) the 3 exhibit spaces scattered around the Museum, wall text and identity (anchor, dot icons, type treatments, color) to act as a system to connect those same galleries, and a print-on-demand browser-driven daily guide.

It was our own 4-month, 7 artist and one room effort. And it's up until November 3, 2013 at the RISD Museum.


Lucinda Hitchcock and John Caserta and Benjamin Shaykin, design
Greg Nemes, design and fabrication of custom shelf
Ruben Rodriguez, web development
Sarah Verity, production assistance, photography, photo editing
Derek Schusterbauer and Brendan Campbell, RISD Museum designers

Daily Guide Videos

Posted on Jul 20, 2013