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Learn how to use the Riso Duplicator machine and make prints together with your Officemates. Come with print-ready designs, and we’ll see what we can print in the 2 hour span. Members Only. Led by Ben, no RSVP necessary. Paper and materials supplied

Greg Nemes

Greg Nemes will introduce his new venture, Work-Shop — a research, design and digital fabrication studio in Providence. The work presented will include a preliminary website, located at, and branding studies. The challenge is to represent a wide range of work and interests in digital design and fabrication, as well as commitment to community, discourse, and pedagogy. How will we communicate its position in the locality of Providence and the design community at large? How does it evolve over time with an organization in flux?

More on Work-Shop

Renee Walker

Renee Walker will present ideas around taking her concepts for a different kind of food label and making them into a practical and useful tool. She will be looking for a critique on the design as visual system as well as what would be a viable application for the system. (e.g. a mobile app? an actual label? a book?)

Come participate in the discussion. Drinks and snacks provided.

More on Renee

Design Archives Vol. 19

Volume 19 of The Design Archives will be produced in a collaborative submission-based format, with instructions written below by Dylan Fracareta.

  1. View your Sent emails by date:
  2. Collect all SENT attachments from the date/time period in which you became a member at the D.O. (i.e. I became a member in September 2012 — so from that point on, any files I sent are game, regardless if I was physically in the office or not.)
  3. Collect attachments for EACH applicable day post-membership (i.e. It’s totally fine if you don’t have material for everyday.)
    You do not need to submit ALL sent attachments — feel free to edit as you wish. This process is basically a simulation of the ‘recycling bin method’ that has ceased to exist post move. The thought being that Sent Attachments have already gone through a process of individual curation and in doing so have gained a degree of ‘value.’
  4. Please do NOT rename files
  5. Please organize your images in individual folders by date (i.e. 091712, 100212, 100512, etc.)
  6. I’ll organize an online file/submission structure something like:
    one folder for each day of the year
    w/ sub-folders for each member that you can drag your material into
    (or maybe, if it’s easier, we’ll just set up a dedicated hard-drive)
  7. ALL submitted ‘work’ will be included in the Archive, so be conscious of your own selections/edits.

Articulating Form

This workshop will be an exercise in articulating form in both senses of the term: in making form, and in revealing the process of that making through language. Using a pre-assembled kit of abstract and representational collage elements, participants will first make compositions individually and free-write about the process, then in pairs, and finally as an entire group, verbally negotiating formal decisions in real time – a kind of design by debate. By using language as a tool of analysis, these exercises will attempt to dissect the way that we negotiate the visual ‘rules’ of composition and the logic of symbolic meaning when we make form.







Paper Football Poster Workshop





















HTML Wallpaper Workshop

This member workshop uses the web languages of HTML and CSS to produce browser-based patterns that will then be printed as wallpaper. The workshop requires a working knowledge of web development, but will review aspects of HTML and CSS. Participants will share their work throughout via passive projection and at the end of the five-hour session. Led by John.