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Designed by Kristin Silva. See all

By Cyrus Highsmith. See all

By Federico Pérez Villoro and Nic Schumann. See all

Project by Cem Eskinazi. See all

Published by The Design Office. See all

Designed by Cyrus Highsmith. See all

Member work

Display cut of Quisco typeface. Designed by Cem Eskinazi with Cyrus Highsmith

How to Speak Rooster. By Cyrus Highsmith and the Occupants

Apartment building in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Designed by Ad-Wo

Latent Space book. Co-authored by Nic Schumann and designed by Marie Otsuka

Fire Island residence interior. Designed by Emily Lindberg (with others)

stories for my sister. Designed by Elizabeth Leeper

Bamboo Forest WaHo. Created by Ad-Wo

SkyBitz SMARTrailer. Application designed and developed by Township

South County Property Management identity. Designed by Kristin Silva

D.B. Updike Prize Poster. Designed by June Shin

D.B. Updike Prize Poster (detail). Designed by June Shin

Self-published newsprint publication. Designed by Lucinda Hitchcock

Vote Nirva. Designed by John Caserta

RISD GD benches. Collaboration between Nic, Greg Lucy and John

Locally Made: Exhibition graphics + Print-on-demand visitor guide. Designed by Lucy, John, Ben, Greg, Ruben and Derek

Commission the group

Individual members and companies take commissions, but the group also assembles to take on projects. Contact us with inquiries

Lucinda Hitchcock

Collaborative research & play

Talk Listen Door. See all

Serving Boards. See all

Unwind Labyrinth. See all

Phone Booth. See all

Charrette. See all

Plywood Furniture. See all

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