Latent Space: Notes on Seeing Letters Like a Machine

All welcome

U.S. Book launch

Thu, Jun 27th, 2019 / 6PM

If you gave 33,600 images of letters to a machine, how would it organize them? What sense would it devise? Would its organization of letterforms look anything like our own? In a collaboration sited at the intersection of art, engineering, and communication design, Federico Pérez Villoro, Nic Schumann, and Marie Otsuka set out on a journey to investigate these questions and more in their recent publication Latent Space: Notes on Seeing Letters Like a Machine. In this talk, they share what they learned.

Join authors Nic Schumann and Federico Pérez Villoro (via simulcast) and designer Marie Otsuka for a conversation about their new book, published by Gato Negro Ediciones. Books will present for purchase.

Posted on Jun 05, 2019