HTML Wallpaper Workshop

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Mon, Jan 14th, 2013 / 1-5PM

This member workshop uses the web languages of HTML and CSS to produce browser-based patterns that will then be printed as wallpaper. The workshop requires a working knowledge of web development, but will review aspects of HTML and CSS. Participants will share their work throughout via passive projection and at the end of the five-hour session. Led by John.

The goals of the workshop are two-fold: to situate HTML and CSS as tools for creative expression (as opposed to tools for interface design) and to produce wallpaper (old fashioned form) with a digital/contemporary aesthetic.

Certain programming tools, like Processing and Scriptographer, are valued for their formmaking potential, but HTML and CSS are rarely put to expressive use. CSS3 has smoothed a lot of buttons and created some elegant rollover transitions, but it also has a lot of potential to create graphic form. CSS properties like margin, transform and color allow for simple and widespread changes to a web page. WIth a few text changes a whole new pattern emerges. Adjust and reload. Adjust and reload.

The universality of the web is one of its strengths, but not every project or website needs to be universally rendered or visually locked down. The Web should not be purely a functional place, where information and products are packaged and available for your consumption. If the screen is the new paper, then we should experiment on screen as we have done on paper.

This workshop works with the simple but pleasing form of the pattern. By connecting it back to the physical form, it gives the pattern scale and importance and longevivity. This workshop is adapted from an assignment given in a RISD sophomore course titled "Digital Bits", taught by John and Ali. Read about this assignment or see the many references and examples of student work.

See results posted for download and reuse on Github

Posted on Jan 05, 2013