Design Archives Vol. 19

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Call for Submissions

Fri, Feb 22nd, 2013 / Last day to submit

Volume 19 of The Design Archives will be produced in a collaborative submission-based format, with instructions written below by Dylan Fracareta.

  1. View your Sent emails by date:
  2. Collect all SENT attachments from the date/time period in which you became a member at the D.O. (i.e. I became a member in September 2012 — so from that point on, any files I sent are game, regardless if I was physically in the office or not.)
  3. Collect attachments for EACH applicable day post-membership (i.e. It’s totally fine if you don’t have material for everyday.)
    You do not need to submit ALL sent attachments — feel free to edit as you wish. This process is basically a simulation of the ‘recycling bin method’ that has ceased to exist post move. The thought being that Sent Attachments have already gone through a process of individual curation and in doing so have gained a degree of ‘value.’
  4. Please do NOT rename files
  5. Please organize your images in individual folders by date (i.e. 091712, 100212, 100512, etc.)
  6. I’ll organize an online file/submission structure something like:
    one folder for each day of the year
    w/ sub-folders for each member that you can drag your material into
    (or maybe, if it’s easier, we’ll just set up a dedicated hard-drive)
  7. ALL submitted ‘work’ will be included in the Archive, so be conscious of your own selections/edits.

Call for submissions: Due February 22, 2013 via Dropbox

Posted on Feb 18, 2013