The Drawing Project

Daily 15-minute drawings

Lucy’s launch email:

Hope to see you all at noon today for the Drawing Project launch. Bring a lunch and your hands and get ready to make something. I will provide a smattering of supplies. Feel free to bring your own. Here are the original “rules of the game”


The plan is that EVERY DAY we are each in the DO we make a quick “drawing”

Size: In proportion of 8.5×11 — either 11×17, 8.5×11, or 8.5×5.5

  1. make a relatively quick, simple, (but considered) “drawing”. Time limit: no more than 15 min.
  2. abstract, non-representational. (ish)
  3. made by hand primarily. (ish)
  4. choose ONE WORD from a list provided (below)

Lets define drawing as mark-making, using materials that are primarily analog in nature.

At the end of summer I want to make a book of the “drawings”.

Anyone who wants to help make the book would be welcome.

I hope to collect 60–80 drawings by the end of the summer we could even have a show.

  • tension
  • order
  • chaos
  • straight / narrow
  • liquidity
  • solidity
  • many / few
  • multiplicity
  • horizon
  • invisibility
  • neither here nor there
  • tight
  • trapped
  • wilderness
  • wild
  • tame
  • honest
  • falsity
  • object-ness
  • abstract-ness
  • —
  • geometric
  • scale
  • repeat
  • contrast
  • alignment / disorder
  • grid
  • color / tone
  • transluscence
  • instruction
  • materiality

For inspiration:

Martin Venezky’s podcast Louisiana Channel artist interview

See you at noon



Initiated and led by Lucinda Hitchcock

Posted on Aug 21, 2015