Photo Booth Portrait Protocol

Posted by: John Caserta
Oct 15, 2011

Note: Unfortunately, the physical photo booth referred to in Adam Lucas’ original protocol (bottom) was retired in January of 2011. We have adapted his protocol to use Apple’s Photo Booth application. Originally planned as a call for submissions to anyone wanting to participate, the protocol is used to standardize portraits of those affiliated with the Office.

Current protocol

Open the Photo Booth application on your Macintosh. Use the four-frame option. This will take four photographs in sequence (just like traditional photo booths). Choose one frame from the four and upload to your member profile page. Verify that the proportion of the image is 640×480. Resolution depends on your computer display.

For some background on this idea and suggestions on making an interesting portrait, read Adam’s original protocol below.


Original protocol

To pay homage to the imminently disappearing analog photo booth, and to reawaken the appreciation of slowness in the creative process, we are initiating a call for submissions for all local designers to make a pilgrimage to the Providence Peter Pan/Bonanza Bus Station.

[photo of booth in station]

We ask you to make use of the photo booth and the beautiful prints it can produce by conceiving of a concept of how to represent yourself (and your work) through portraits. We found that the booth, with it’s timed exposures, traditional color photographs, and analog quirkiness, has a high potential to capture intriguing ideas. Show us that you agree!


  1. Execute your concept. Scan the results and e-mail them to the D.O. as 300dpi jpegs.


  1. Bring props
  2. Work with the timing of exposures
  3. Bring your own color background
  4. Do nothing
  5. Sing a song
  6. Interact with the space/camera
  7. Create a narrative