UX Design for Brains: Let’s Be Honest, People Suck

All welcome


Providence UX Meetup

Tue, Oct 25th, 2016 / 6:30PM

UX Designer Marissa Epstein *really* loves learning what makes people tick. Traditional psych studies can show us a lot about our users and the weird flaws that come with being human. It’s not our fault that we’re emotional, impulsive, forgetful, and hard-wired to take the easy way out. But it is our responsibility to adapt to these shortcomings as interaction designers.

In this session, Marissa will use fundamental principles of cognitive and behavioral psychology to show you how humans think, behave, and experience the world. And she’ll probably rant a little.

Marissa Epstein is a UX Designer at Lullabot. She received a BS in Graphic Design and a minor in Psychology from the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program. Her work ranges from Kraft Macaroni and Cheese packaging to information architecture for enterprise websites. Marissa loves seamless design experiences, helping startups, obsessive organization, and pretentious food.

Posted on Oct 18, 2016