Lucinda Hitchcock contributes to RISD’s new book on creative practice: The Art of Critical Making

Posted by: John Caserta
Nov 04, 2013

Congratulations to Lucy Hitchcock, on her contribution to the recently released “The Art of Critical Making: Rhode Island School of Design on Creative Practice”. Her insightful essay on Graphic Design, Storytelling and the Making of Meaning is featured within the book–read it here!

Additional congrats to Julie Fry for the publication design!


The new book presents a series of essays by faculty and other academic leaders – along with selected images of student and alumni work – on RISD’s approach to critical making, which involves the hand and mind working to create objects and experiences with real meaning and value.

In teasing out how RISD nurtures creative practice, from initial spark to finished outcome, it makes a case for the value of critical making within and beyond the realms of art and design, suggesting approaches to navigating complex problems that may be relevant to people in a wide range of fields and situations.


Read more about it on the RISD website here, or order online!